Goodbyes (VI)

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“What is it?” Mary asks, a little concerned.

“Wait, why are you even moving?”

“Some director or something was in the club and saw me. Fell in love with my act instantly and offered me a job as a model after the show. I told him I wasn’t young enough for that, then he went on about how he was doing a magazine for older women, blah blah. He’s flying me to New York tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you gonna miss your life here?”

“I’m done being a whore, Stacie. I never actually liked this life. Not a lot of girls get the chance to leave, so I’m taking it now,” She’s so right. Some girls back at the club had been doing that sort of thing for years.

“Well, I… I want to go with you, Mary,” I blurt out. She smiles when she thinks I’m joking, but then realizes I’m not.

“Honey, what about your school, friends… Ethan? The baby?”

“The baby is the reason why I want out of this life. It’s done nothing but trouble for me. I need out, and I think you’re my only way.”

She’s silent for a little too long, “OK.”

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Not happy, I’m guessing. At least she’s found her way out.

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