The Ice Cream Man

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The playground is a happy place
where little children play
until the Ice Cream Man comes around
at the closing of the day.

Now you’d think that ice cream in a truck
would fill e’re’ child’s heart with joy.
Nay, it strikes fear into the very souls
of each playground girl and boy.

A black cold heart has the Ice Cream Man,
for he has not come to play,
nor to sell those tykes an ice cream bar
but to steal one of them away.

Dark, slickened hair, a pockmarked face
and drenched in summer sweat,
he’ll steal a bairn in a flash of time
for a lifetime of regret.

A siren song, sings the ice cream bell
come hither does it sing.
answer it not if ye wish to live
for death is what it brings.

Play then, ye children, swing and slide
and laugh away the day
but hearken to the ice cream man
and run, run quick away.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Sinister beneath the facade. Did you ever play Twisted Metal on Play Station in the late 90’s by any chance? This poem reminds me of the ‘crazy clown driving an ice cream truck’ character in that game… though I digress. Nice poem :D

  2. Avatar Peeled Banana

    Good use of the word “bairn.” Certainly adds the old-timey.

  3. Avatar Bob Liddil

    I was trying to hit the dark style from the example posted in the challenge and the darkest, most twisted thing I could think of was an ice cream truck abductor terrorizing all the little kids on the playground.

    Missed that game – sounds tuff tho :)

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Great job on the poem, the classic perv in a tempting van scenario set to rhyme and meter.

  5. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Very nice work – suitably creepy, and the description of the Ice Cream Man works particularly well – cool beans! MH :)

  6. Avatar Jason Month

    Haha. Immediately when I started reading, I was reminded of Billy Kincaid, the ice-cream-truck-psycho from Spawn. This was, however, MUCH more eloquent.

  7. Avatar stargazer1960

    Ew. Creepy.

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