Taking Care of Business

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“We’ve got launching orders, boys,” Lieutenant Bonzer shouted. This announcement was met by hurrahs from most of the rest of the 501st. Stationed on Mimas, nestled deep within the massive crater Herschel, their official patch referenced both the moon they were on and the fictional station it resembled. No one messed with them.

Bonzer continued. “Early Warning on Phoebe found something screwy in the Encke Division. Seems one of the old fat-cat hotels is making some noise. Command on Titan wants us to check it out.”

“We got any idea what we’re dealing with?” one private asked, before gulping down some of his drink.

The lieutenant tapped the wall twice, and several pictures and some text instantly appeared. “Right now, this is all that we have on the situation. They think it’s a freak incident. Of course, we need to confirm.”

“Nuke the site from orbit,” somebody quipped. “It’s the only way to be sure.”

“Very funny,” the lieutenant chuckled. “Now, we launch in 30. Up and at ‘em, people! Let’s move!”

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  1. Avatar Abstract

    Back to the CSS and their response to the station’s resurgence.

    You can learn more about Mimas at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimas_(moon) if you’re curious. The first picture should clearly show the resemblance to the fictional station I told you about. (Herschel, by the way, is that crater.)

    The Encke Gap is ~133590 km from Saturn’s center, while Mimas is ~185520 km from it. Coupled with the fusion engines, realistically it wouldn’t take all that long to reach (Titan is ~1221870 km out).

  2. Avatar Krulltar

    Great sequel, but your comment clearly made this more fun… I love geek knowledge.

  3. Avatar Robert Quick

    I completely agree with Krulltar and an Aliens reference is welcome at any of my parties.

  4. Avatar DoItForScience

    So, the “Mimas Death Stars 501st”?

  5. Avatar Jason Month

    Or maybe the “Mimas Storm Troopers 501st?”

  6. Avatar Abstract

    In the Star Wars EU, the 501st division of the Imperial Army was known as “Vader’s Fist”.

    Let’s have a poll: “Death Stars” or “Stormtroopers”?

  7. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Gotta be storm troopers I’m afraid…
    Nice piece…loving your nerdy comment at the top.

  8. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Nuking the site from orbit is always the only way to be sure.

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