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Kicking it at the University of Oklahoma. I like writing, science, almost all forms of music (literally), creating constructed languages, graphic/visual arts, and a good book. I will not hesitate in saying I am a Christian and I am proud to be an American.

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  1. Hang in There

    Coded transmission towards relative heading: RA 14 h 39 m 36.4951 s / Dec -60° 50′ 02.308″ Begin transmission: 2114 Hrs 06-05-35 LE Transmission series: LLS S LS S SLS SL L SS LLL LS / SSS SSSS SS SLLS / SSSS LLL SLLS S SLSLSL / SL L L S LL SLLS L...

  2. Help Wanted

    THIS BULLETIN HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED BY THE CONTINGENCIES COMMITTEE OF THE PAN-HELIOSPHERIC CONFEDERATION. HIGH PRIORITY. WANTED Persons aged 18 – 35 inclusive as of July 5, 35 LE. Must be able-bodied and willing to leave on a long-term mission. Must be...

  3. Leave It to the Engineering Corps

    “What’s the point of dragging me out of bed at—what time is it?” “I need you to trawl the database. Project Orion. Spaceship propulsion.” “That? That’s ancient history. Never really got anywhere. Not even a p...

  4. Scientia Obruta

    The rest of the table waited on him to speak. Chairman Hu pushed his glasses up on his nose before he began speaking. “The Baker Amendment allowed for the rump states to refrain from divulging certain knowledge given specific circumstances,”...

  5. Panic Mode

    “This Emergency Session of the Pan-Heliospheric Confederation is now called to order,” Bethony declared. Miteigi Suzuki raised his hand. “What are the facts,” he asked, more a statement than a question. Bethony doled out slips o...

  6. Heat of the Moment

    Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8460 Stupid. Someone here had the hare-brained idea of sending out a transmission to the boys back home, despite everything that’s been going on here. And I approved it. Now we’ve completely lost one of...

  7. Blink and You'll Miss It

    This was the third time he had read this graphic novel, Lin noted. It was in his stash of his father’s personal effects the day the Earth exploded. It was the fourth in a series of five, and by all accounts, the fifth book was going to shatter the fa...

  8. Message in a Bottle

    Coded transmission directed to heading [manual fix] via blaster array Authority: Capt. C. Kettering Begin transmission: 2008 Hrs 9-16-34 LE (Ship’s Day 8459) LSLS LLL SLSS SLSS SS SSS SS LLL LS / SS LS LSLS SS LSS S LS L SLSLSL / LLL SSL L SLSS L...

  9. Collision

    Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8459 It looks like we’ve hit something, and it didn’t go out quietly. We all knew this was a risk but we thought it negligible enough—space is, on the whole, empty. But averages mean there’s poi...

  10. More Wrong

    Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8458 Trouble. I don’t know what exactly went wrong but half the ship’s been blown away. Happened about fifteen minutes ago. Right now we’re tumbling. Luis and Perez are running damage control. We ...

  11. Fire in the Hole (Superhero Black Hole, part 137)

    We attached the explosives to the four corners of the Grid window with some clay-like bluish-grey putty. Al had upended the couch; using it and the cushions we made a sort of a pillow-fort—very reassuring, I know. He started to explain how it was act...

  12. A Gothic Stroll [Version 3]

    It was somehow fitting that there was not much by way of illumination in the Philology Department library. Not being able to see what you were doing while attempting to research languages not spoken in centuries had a certain poetic note to it. Didn...

  13. Between the Strings [Version 2]

    # If you're reading this line, get some sleep. Or some Monster. Mentally he chuckled, the green-against-black of the text editor scrolling in fits and starts as he rolled the mouse wheel. He quickly looked into the upper-right corner of the screen—12...

  14. Down and Out [Version 1]

    Chance. It is not something one likes to bring to mind. The Everyman would deign to believe it is not he who will be the one in a million on whose number the roulette wheel settles, but someone must fill the position. That fateful evening, it was I. I ...

  15. Grasping at Straws (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 134)

    Zowie and the others had been discussing our surely-impending doom for a couple minutes now, but I was paying them no mind. Despite all the guns and other weaponry I now carried on my person, the one thing that reassured me more than anything else was ...

  16. Interregnum

    I became a king when I was twenty-seven. I’d just acquired a castle (admittedly the bankers actually owned it; the treasury was to pay a monthly tribute for some time, after which I would become the full owner) and I wanted to mark the occasion f...

  17. Lucky Me

    “Brings back memories of my trauma-unit days,” I said, staring at the red debacle all over the walls and floor. Vic was lucky that the last tenants at his bed-and-breakfast hadn’t decided to sue, instead opting to get their stay compe...

  18. Not So Routine (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 130)

    Tsering and I passed a lot of time lying on the couches, relating the stories of our lives to each other. Turns out I actually had a few albums he’d produced; they were among the few musical commonalities that Zoe and I had shared. I mention the ...

  19. Mind the Adage (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 129)

    Al often comes across like a robot, but every once in a while he’ll do something that reminds you that he is actually a human being. Like earlier, how I’d mentioned he’d actually offered us his opinion on something. This time he was p...

  20. ཁྱེད་ཪང་བདེ་པོ་ཡིན་པས། (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 128)

    In some areas of the world there are reports of people living over a century—in some cases, well over that. You get this stuff from, say, the Caucasus or South America. I’ve seen it explained as people tacking on estimated life-experience or as...

  21. Isolate (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 127)

    Zowie grabbed some sort of iPad-like device and apparently told it to get us some Cokes, because a few seconds later a brief tone sounded in the back of the room and she got up to get us some. “So what do we do now?” I asked. “Sit and...

  22. Double Vision (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 123)

    Zoe smiled, her eyebrows arching. “Still with us, I see.” “Uhhhhhh…” I grunted. Zoe stepped out from behind me and wagged a finger at Zoe. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” “Uhhhhhh…” Zoe paid Zoe no ...

  23. Breakthrough (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 122)

    We rested for awhile. Al said he had to do some fiddling around with stuff and went into the projector room. He was kind enough to play for us some film from later on in the timeline. I think it was the thirteenth movie of the fourth reboot of Star Tre...

  24. March 11

    The social mechanisms in the bar ground to a halt when she reached its threshold. She surveyed the scene briefly before pushing through the old venetian-blind doors, their red paint cracked and peeling, chipped off completely in a few spots. Her face, ...

  25. March 10

    good night the stars aren’t all out just yet twilight’s fading, night’s rolling in but it’s still blue outside the moon’s come up the headlights are on on all the cars there’s a cool breeze i’m in the shadow of...

  26. March 9

    I’m Ted McNamara and this is the six o’clock news. A car bomb went off downtown today, killing fifteen and wounding seven. The bomb was packed in a station wagon parked next to the strip mall by the university. Police, FBI, and Homeland Security we...

  27. March 8

    On the fourth day, God created the luminaries. There’s a documentary called In the Shadow of the Moon. My father introduced it to me and I highly recommend it. In Arabic, the Moon is القمر—ask Wehr, Wiki, Google, and Al-Kitaab fii Ta`allum...

  28. March 4

    I think my doodles have changed in recent times. Used to be I’d just draw random little stuff—rocketships; comets or fireballs based on the holes punched into the paper; random geometric stuff. One time in ninth grade I filled the side margin (...

  29. March 5

    On the sidewalk near my apartment, on the other side of the inlet to the parking lot and on the other side of the road verge, there’s this little tree. I think it’s some sort of pine-like tree. It’s got the same type of green needles ...

  30. March 6

    My legs are somewhat hairy, sufficiently so that I despise certain types of pants because, when I put them on, they rub the hairs the wrong way and I don’t like the feeling. My legs have been through a lot. Currently they’re crossed at the ...

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