Flashback: Surprises

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The Earth Defense Force had been losing the war in the Inner Solar System, and those forces around Jupiter and Saturn had been tapped, as no Bioid attack had been feared there within the reasonable future. The Fourth Reich, long eliminated from any effective competition, had sent their last, meager forces as sleeper cells aboard refugee ships to Saturn. They had tried to stage a takeover of the DoubleTree Alpha.

The battle was raging between the two non-cyborg parties. The Earth Defense Force had been decisively losing, for the most part; the half-gee ballroom was covered in blood from the offensive, and one hapless person had been propelled so forcefully that his lifeless body was tangled up in the massive chandelier.

Screams raged in Johan’s ears. As if out of nowhere, but in actuality from a hidden base inside the moon Hyperion, Bioids had entered the fray, and were not showing even the slightest sign of mercy. Janek gripped his fire axe with white knuckles.

Mechanical hands halted the door’s closure.

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  1. Avatar DoItForScience

    I had to go back and re-read some of the “Diaries of the Disaster” series to confirm my suspicion that I’d heard of a DoubleTree hotel in space before. Merci beaucoup pour l’homage.

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