Excerpt of a soldier's walk

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His weapon seems oddly light on his back. he knows how much it weighs, but to him it feels as light as a father. he reaches behind him to touch it, as if to make sure it is still there.

He looks up, into the night. He doesn’t see the land before him, and he trips and falls many times. He closes his eyes when that happens, and only opens them again when he’s standing, looking up.

He knows where he’s going. He just doesn’t want to get there. Things will get complicated when he arrives. He doesn’t want to think about it.

For now, he just wants to look into the beautiful, glittering formations above him, and remember the feeling of happier days.

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    In the 2nd line, I do believe you meant feather.. unless fathers are very light where he comes from.. lol that would make him quite a different type of man. Somehow, it still seemed light and hopeful although he was heading off towards war. Poor guy. Nice job

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