Here Today, Forgotten Yesterday

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The lonely man stood ankle deep in water, looking out upon the… area he had known his whole life. Behind him, palm trees rose out of the shallow water. Ahead of him, down the steep slope were the dead trunks of more palms submerged in the salty sea. Across the lagoon he could see the darker patches of water that were the other islands of the atoll.
Today was the day that one of his longest held assumptions died. He always believed that he would die in the land where he was born, but today was the first day that the low tide did not expose the hilltop. He had outlived the land where he was born, a ridiculous idea to him. He was unable to come to terms with the truth when his people left; he stayed behind to witness the death of his homeland. How could the sound of the end of his nation be the gentle lapping of the waves and a cooling sea breeze?

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hope he has a boat…
    And Noah isn’t coming back..
    This stark revelation is surprisingly cool and refreshing.

  2. Avatar Catherine

    This was really good! I like the title. What’s the lonely old man going to do now?

  3. Avatar DoItForScience

    puts on my [fake] psychologist glasses Very interesting, very interesting. The story never says that the man is old. Do you not believe that young men can be lonely?

  4. Avatar Catherine

    smacks forehead See this is why I shouldn’t comment so late at night. No I just assume things too much and don’t pay attention to details. I believe that everyone feels at least a tad bit lonely.

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