Dr. Davos, The News is Good

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“The papers have finally picked up the story” Dr Davos barges into the lab slamming the paper down on the lab table, the gas lamp flickers from the shock.

“And it’s good, they are reporting it as good, it’s too perfect.” Dr. Davos’ two lab assistants, Anthony and John, hover over the article. Franklin waits to hear what the printed words mean. The article reads:

Saints or Sinners of London

Are our streets getting cleaner? Mysterious trash thieves have been removing the piles of garbage that plague the city. This reporter thinks a saint may be cleaning up our city, but could evil forces be at play? We’ll bring you more on this story next week.

As Anthony and John look up, Dr Davos cannot contain his excitement. “They think it’s about the trash, they haven’t found a single worm yet!”

Dr. Davos instructs Anthony and John to calculate the total worm replication count and to prepare the first message.

“Have the worms begin the sequence, but only step one. We don’t want these reporters looking too deeply.”

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“Hey doc, the boys at the pub keep talking about hearing some contraption running in the night. Think it’s that worm we built?...

Dr Davos, The Worms Can Talk by code dreamboat

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