Pirate Catchers?

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Captain PJ poured Rolfe a glass of wine from her personal decanter and sat down at the table.

“Let me get this straight, Grand Admiral,” she started, "you want me and my crew to become pirate catchers?

“Exactly,” Rolfe stood up and walked to the window. “Captain, you have the fastest ship in these waters. You’ve outran every Armada ship we’ve thrown at you. We’ve accepted that we can’t catch you, so we want to hire you. Catch pirates for us.”

“What will I and my crew get out of it?”

“More gold than you’ll know what to do with,” Rolfe said.

“It’s going to take more than gold to turn us to your side, Grand Admiral,” Captain PJ said.

“I had a feeling you were going to say that. How about this: the Excelsior.”

“Your ship?” PJ asked.

“Yes. You can add my ship to your fleet,” Rolfe said.

“I don’t have a fleet-”

“Yet,” Rolfe interrupted. “You don’t have a fleet yet. Join us and you will.”

PJ sat back and crossed her arms. "It’s a tempting offer, Rolfe, but I’ll have to decline. Tie him up!

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