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Charlie K was a single celled organism who had grown on the side of a test tube in an alchemist’s laboratory. His life was a simple one, and Charlie was not happy with it at all.
One day the Sultan summoned the famous alchemist Yakuul Kon-Zizzi.
“Zizzi You have spent fifty years and a ton of gold trying to create the elixer of life. Either you will produce it today or you will be executed.”
Zizzi had no fear because back at the lab, the elixer was complete, waiting to be tested.
What the alchemist did not take into account was the will of the single celled organism that would be later known as Charlie k.
The three microns Charlie had to cross to reach the elixer seemed like hundreds of miles.
Later that evening when the sultan was removing the head of the alchemist, a young boy only one day old felt no regret that the alchemist had to die, because with the help of the philosopher’s stone, Charlie k was born.

Thanks to Mighty Joe Young for writing this!


  1. How I Got Over

    I pause over your number in my phone. The soft light from the screen is like a beacon in the crushing dark of the street outside the liquor store. I take a sip. I just want to call you and say I was wrong, I never meant to do those things, I just want ...

  2. Have to Walk Before You Can Fly

    “Right, first things first, I need clothes.” Remiel said. He closed his eyes and imagined clothes forming on his body. Remiel opened his eyes to see that nothing had happened. “Fuck.” Remiel looked around. He was behind some bui...

  3. An Unlikely Intruder (Mature)

  4. Fallen

    Cast down from Heaven, but not banished to Hell? Fuck my life. Remiel thought as the ground beneath him gave way and crumbled. Remiel fell. His wings would not flap, bound as they were. No doubt they would burn up as he entered the atmosphere. He looke...

  5. The Guitarist #8

    “Oh man, that’s great! You’re gonna be a dad! Shit, I’m gonna be an uncle!” Johnny said over his coffee. “I know, man! I’m scared, though, if you want to know the truth.” Vince said. “Whaddaya got t...

  6. To Whom It May Concern

    Dude, I totally miss you. Feels like I’ve lost my best friend. Remember when we decided to go to Venice? And then we were just going to drive around in a van, getting drunk? Maybe trip off to Cali sometime? Yeah, I miss keeping you up into the we...

  7. A Conversation Between Brothers

    “Hades, my brother, I trust that you are well?” “Zeus. I am well. How are you?” Hades asked. “Ah, as well as can be expected,” Zeus said. “What brings you from your realm?” “I have a problem-”...

  8. Cowardice

    “Is that going to be all for you tonight?” “Yep, I think this will do it,” I said. She put my books in a bag, but paused upon picking up Hubert Selby Jr.’s Requiem for a Dream. “I love this book,” she said. ...

  9. White

    A white house on a green hill. Twilight streams through the plastic-covered windows, while the breeze causes the plastic to move and crinkle as if someone is hiding right behind. I walk through the pristine white kitchen into the spotless white living ...

  10. Purple Socks

    Purple socks. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read the memo. The Order wanted us to wear purple socks. No. I was fine with the drab, gray jumpsuits. I was fine with the same black shoes everyone else had. But I would not wear purple socks. Red, b...

  11. Hands

    Hands intertwined, we share blissful smiles. (this minimum character limit is annoying sometimes)

  12. Pirate Catchers?

    Captain PJ poured Rolfe a glass of wine from her personal decanter and sat down at the table. “Let me get this straight, Grand Admiral,” she started, "you want me and my crew to become pirate catchers? “Exactly,” Rolfe stoo...

  13. Satin in a Coffin

    Coffins are strange things. You never think about a coffin until you’re ready to be in one. And why would you want to pay thousands of dollars for something you won’t even notice in eternal slumber? So many options, too. Do you want it made...

  14. Pretty Simple, Right?

    Throw this ring into that volcano. (why is there a minimum character limit anyway???)

  15. You're Beautiful

    “You’re beautiful.” “No, I’m not. At my best, I’m moderately good-looking,” she said with a smile. He leaned over and kissed her. “You’re beautiful,” he repeated. “Fine, I’m beauti...

  16. The Rogue

    Taladis looked down at his shackled hands. This is a fine mess I’ve gone and gotten myself into he thought. “You thought you could break into my fortress, kill my guards, steal my jewels, and sleep with my concubines?!?!” Ras’mo...

  17. The Ferryman

    The tiny demon scurried into the throne room, its claws clacking against the floor. At the other end of the room, in a throne made of bones and damned souls, sat Hades. “Lord Hades, Lord Hades!” the demon yelled, as he reached the throne. &...

  18. Destruction

    What can be said Of Destruction? The Greeks knew Him As Olethros. A large, robust man With flaming, red hair, And a beard that was so long, It often became tangled In his chest hair! He did his duties With pride, Til he foresaw the creation Of the Atom...

  19. Some Kind of Monster

    BUMP I heard the lock on the front door turn. I looked at the clock beside my bed. 2:47. SLAM The front door slammed shut. I heard feet shuffle. The faucet turned on. The monster was thirsty. I heard nothing for a time, then, I heard the glass break ag...

  20. A Broken Pencil

    I’m finding it hard to write anything lately. I feel like someone has taken my only pencil, snapped it in half, and threw those pieces back into my face. And I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we found out my mother has been cheatin...

  21. Destiny

    A man in a brown robe, With eyes that do not see, And yet, they see everything. In His hands, he holds a book, Chained to him by the wrist. Or maybe, He is chained to the book? Where He walks, There are no footprints. And no shadow follows Him, Even on...

  22. A Boy, Not A Man

    I don’t know why I joined the army. I honestly don’t. I guess when you have a cold, heartless junkie for a mother, you’ll do anything to prove you’re nothing like her. Everybody said the army would straighten me out, teach me ho...

  23. An Average Day (Mature)

  24. Dream

    In His hands, he held a rose. With a thought, the rose became crystal, Then, turned to gold. The gold rose crumbled, And turned to gold dust. He turned the dust to sand, Swirling floating writhing sand. And with a puff of air, He blew the sand across t...

  25. Ignore this

    …………………ffffffffjooalkejfnvaowlldjhvnwspdkcnfpnvpnwpncmnv;lwpikknv Just ignore all of this.

  26. Big Tears

    I want to stop crying, but I can’t. I’ve been crying since you said those words: “I just need a little space.” Not tiny tears sliding down my face, but great, big, rock-sized tears that left me sobbing and gasping for breath. I ...

  27. A Blues Kind of Day

    It was a blues kind of day. Cloudy skies, thunder booming in the distance. The kind of day when old men, with their creaking bones, would come together and play. They would get their guitars and their dobros, their picks and their slides, and they woul...

  28. Southern Comfort (Mature)

  29. To Defy the Laws of Tradition

    “Dad, I don’t want to play the guitar! I want to play the piano.” Jimmy said. “That’s great, Jimmy! But you have to play fast like Little Richard! And playing the piano with your feet wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. ...

  30. Dreams of You

    Lightning bugs flash outside my window, While I lay awake in bed. Crickets chirp their endless song, As dreams of you play in my head. I listen to our favorite song, You know the one, While I stare at the moon, And wait for the sun. I know you see the ...

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