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A soldier’s shadow
Feels no pain
Sliding over jagged gravel—
Its black outline does not contain
The fragile face from which it came
The fragile face that’s in my aim
Is mute and vague
I cannot hear its screams
It hasn’t lived or died
Or yet solidified to plague my dreams.

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  1. Avatar Marli

    Very Thought provoking as usual. Transference of life to a shadow. Is it so he can not feel remorse

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Exactly! I’m very pleased you got it! Its true to, soldiers are taught to dehumanize their enemy to make their task easier.

  3. Avatar Horrorfan13

    Wow. This has so much power and makes you feel the pain, but also takes you out of it at the end. I think you did exactly as you set out to do.

  4. Avatar Papa Cake


    I can’t imagine taking another persons life.

    I think that’s why it’s so easy to value, If you can take away your targets meaning, performing your task should be so easy as killing a fly.

    You enlighten on how it’s even possible to take the human out of killing a person. Very well done!

  5. Avatar There is a light and it never goes out :)

    Haunting stuff, you make a good point.
    I especially like the repetition of ‘The fragile face’, as to me it connects the killer with the one being killed and it structures the poem well, being exactly halfway through.