Out of Bay 52

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“Whatever you do, don’t…”
It was the last thing he heard before the pounding in his ears became too much. The whole process took mere seconds, but felt like hours and an instant at the same time. A wave of static washed over him, he felt each atom in his body begin to pull apart. Vision had already distorted into a gray mist, which itself dissolved again into utter blackness.

For what felt like seconds there was absolutely nothing. But how do you define nothingness? No sound in his head, no light through his eyes, no feeling in limbs or body. As if everything had been put on pause. It was all there, nothing stopped, just left… hanging.

All at once it began to filter back in, like an ancient video cassette player, starting slow and building back up to speed. Light began at the edges of vision, furthest corners of the peripheral. Sound began as a far off hum, and building to a pounding that became a crescendo of light and sound that filled him completely. All five senses coming back together at once.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    just a minor edit needed…1st paragraph, last sentence has one too many "into"s

  2. Avatar Gabriel David

    Excellent, thanks Krulltar!

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