Gabriel David

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Born in the Southwestern United States, and raised on a plate of crawfish and chicken Gumbo, The Samurai is a roaming biomechanical cyber-punk-wanna-be. he is constantly searching for new media to consume, and quotes with which to attack the rogue minions of the Brotherhood. His style will always be remembered as the ultimate culmination of Flemming, King and Brown.

Really, just an obnoxious, self important, rambling new author with no audience.


  1. The Boarding, Part I

    The Imperial cruiser came up behind the small craft, slowing to match speed. Hailing frequencies were already on, and data transmitted back and forth between the vessels, although no one from either ship had actually spoken to the other. Captain Kino w...

  2. Alders RPGs (Mature)

  3. On the Trail, Day 26

    Day 26: As we raised the flag, a low rumble was heard in the distance. My first thought was that Colin and the boys were returning from the scout. Sure enough, a few minutes later the vehicles began coming up over the hill to the South. It would be a l...

  4. Out of Bay 52

    “Whatever you do, don’t…” It was the last thing he heard before the pounding in his ears became too much. The whole process took mere seconds, but felt like hours and an instant at the same time. A wave of static washed over him, he fel...

  5. The Shack

    The wind came up from the West, rattling the lone, remaining shutter hanging on rusted hinges. Everything of metal on this place seemed to be rusted to within a second of falling apart completely. Nails had worked their way slowly out of the wood that ...