It Means the Object

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Off course it may have been skewed by the demented, dribbling dabbler just drooling his insanity right ‘cross the keyboard whilst tinkering with a furious engagement of matched words. But the laughably sketch-y clues in the ludicrous doodling hints to the reader’s astuteness quite certainly that the narrator had departed his senses. Finally, having detected an undeniably unmedicated contribution the septical reviewer made a healthy decision against an input of sagacity and saw fit to draw no conclusion…

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  1. Avatar Marli

    I would rather comment than to leave the darkness unchallenged.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This describes exactly how I feel about this piece! The first two sentences need to be combined, as the first is a fragment all alone, and you misspelled ‘of’, I think, at the beginning.
    What I picture is an obviously intelligent person holding a drawing made by a 3 yr old and asked if they like it. :) Not wanting to lie, nor break their little heart, they are tongue tied.

  3. Avatar I Am Not Number!

    Not so deep and a lot dafter than that Elsha, it was a slightly cracked exercise in unrepetitive repetitiveness, it=object, off course=skewed. Never mind, I’ll get me coat :)