Neptune and The Overlord

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Prime Minister Winston Churchill watched on the huge plasma screens as fleets of Chinooks and Super Stallions headed south over the British Channel. All around him, the headquarters of the British war machine bustled and hummed.

“This is HQ, confirm Operation Overlord has begun. Repeat, Overlord has begun.”
“US Super Stallions have acknowledged orders to attack Utah and Omaha.”
“There are some concerns over German Roland missile attacks, several flights of Mark 2 Tornadoes are beginning attack runs on German anti-aircraft SAM sites. The Americans say the Germans have their F-22s and they can’t provide assistance.”
“USS Abraham Lincoln is launching additional air support and strike missions for close ground support on German locations.”
“HMS Vanguard, this is HQ. You are clear for Trident launch on the Pointe du Hoc missile silo.”

The Prime Minister smiled slightly and bit down on his cigar. Operation Neptune was an apt name, he decided, as the trio of Trident ballistic missiles made their way south-east.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    That certainly would have been a different sort of war.

  2. Avatar HSAR

    Wouldn’t it? Nuclear apocalypse would have been a lot more likely.