The Woes of a Comedy Enthusiast

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I can’t write comedy. It’s quite tragic, but upon expressing my lamentations to an English teacher I was simply told, “Well a lot of people can’t write comedy while young. You need to empty yourself of all the serious topics you want to write about first.”

I apologize, she was probably more eloquent than that.

A large part of me wanted to yell, “BULLSHIT!” in her face and walk off in a huff and return an hour later with a masterpiece; something early SNL writers would trip over each other for. The larger part of me said, “Oh, I see,” and continued showing her my Common Application essay.

Perhaps it’s partially me – I’m more A type than I like to admit. I know there are many young writers who can make me chuckle. But me? When I was five I told my mom that I wanted “real homework.” That is, I might add, the first and last time I uttered that phrase.

I suppose until I strike comedy gold I’ll stick to family drama and pondering the universe like a stodgy, old professor. Sounds like a plan.

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  1. Avatar Passionsocks

    Good. I hope this is one of the serious topics you needed to clear yourself with.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    comedy is hard to write deliberately. Most comedians just rant. Things are funny with quite a bit of set-up too, but it can’t be predictable or we will only give a ‘har har’. The best advice is to read other funny stories and see what they did. Most likely, it came out naturally and they didn’t know they did it.

  3. Avatar Adrianna Serrano

    Thanks Elsha and Passionsocks!
    1) I hope this was one of those topics!

    2) I’ve never thought about comedians ranting, but it’s definitely true now that I think about it! The whole “coming out naturally” concept is difficult for me… I like plans… Curses…

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