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Well my name isn’t really Adrianna (sadly) and Serrano is something like my great-great grandmother’s last name on my mother’s side. I’m a first year college student who, despite being pre-med, loves writing and doesn’t want to give it up!

I haven’t written a prose piece in a while because I was focusing on script writing, but I was told to never apologize for my writing regardless of how awful I think it is, so instead I’ll just say to bear with me while I rewet my feet!

PS. The icon is my sister. =)


  1. High School Reunion

    “Hi,” I muttered. I knew he could hear me. “Hi,” he replied. The silence was as oppressive as the heat. “So it’s… been a while, hasn’t it?” “Ten years. Prom.” “Yeah.” As if I...

  2. My Darling Wife (it shall be revised... someday soon hopefully) (Mature)

  3. Lady Luck and Motherly Love

    Father told me early in life that women would be my downfall. I spent a good part of my youth taunting Lady Luck like one does with a horse and carrot, partaking in various dangerous stunts that are typical of young boys. Fortunately for me (and my poo...

  4. Le vent

    I want to run with the wind. The breeze is my sister, the gust is my mother; the gale is my father. I want the Sun on my back and my sister beside me as I find horizon’s end and all places in between. I want to go where I am taken; pulled along o...

  5. Almost

    My hands were shaking. Seated at the table with the pamphlet in one hand and phone in the other, I waited. I don’t know what I waited for – perhaps divine intervention, perhaps for the phone to ring, perhaps just for my courage to suddenly ...

  6. The Woes of a Comedy Enthusiast

    I can’t write comedy. It’s quite tragic, but upon expressing my lamentations to an English teacher I was simply told, “Well a lot of people can’t write comedy while young. You need to empty yourself of all the serious topics you...

  7. No Escape

    Marcus went through the motions of preparing for bed. Pajamas on, teeth brushed, blinds closed, and lights off, he climbed into bed. And sat. The glow of the city through his window exaggerated the circles under his eyes and was enough to illuminate hi...

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