Reluctant Eyes

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The cement floor was cold on my cheek. My ear was plastered to my skull uncomfortably. My mind swam to conciousness slowly, pushing through the Sandman Dust, and achey limbs.

“Are you awake, Alice? Alice? Open your eyes.”

I groaned ungratefully, opening one eye to the glaring flourescent lights. The white room was still, the silence deafening in my ears. Syringes were strewn across a metal tray standing alone in the middle of the room.

The corner I was curled into was farthest from the door.

Weird. Door. No knob.

“Focus, Alice. Look at me,” my companion demanded, snapping his beefy fingers before my face.

“I know this is a strain for you, Alice. But Venus wishes to speak with you. Now.”

The immaculate white door with no knob slid open with an audible whoosh!

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Inspired by

Scott’s car smelled of liquor and sex. My stomach clenched tight, threatening to empty all over his back seat, where I now was sprawled...

Hazy Eyes by HannahMarie

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