Existential Death Hole

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Jeron screwed up his eyes, trying to comprehend his friend’s glee, “You’re kidding right?”

“I am…dead serious,” Kyle intoned dryly, before bursting into giggles cut short only by his voice cracking.

“Really? A pun? You want to disrupt the very nature of existence, and you start with a pun?”

“Stop quibbling over minutia. I can kill Death.” His eyes shone with megalomaniacal fervor.

“Death isn’t a person,” Jeron insisted.

“Not in the strict sense,” Kyle conceded, “but if you consider life as a planar field, and each life as a dimple in that field, there must needs be a focal point, a low point towards which life flows at the time of death to depart this mortal existence.”

“Death is an existential black hole?”

“More or less, but there is an epitome of death, see. Destroy the epitome, and life just swirls around in place, bound to return, having no place to which it can flow.”

“You been double-dipping your asthma meds again?”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Okay, that’s the one I meant to publish, missing a full line of dialogue so that it was way beneath the character limit so it would publish.

  2. Avatar Kevin Lawver

    What a way to start ficly off (for reals, not on accident… the duck suit is funny though)!

  3. Avatar Melia

    It’s odd, but I totally get Kyle’s logic. And I don’t even have asthma. First new Ficly I’ve read and it’s a corker :)

  4. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    I LOVE the last line! awesome way to begin…
    Way awesome THX – good to read your stuff again.

  5. Avatar Stovohobo

    The dialogue is obviously what makes the story. Funny, quirky execution of a thought-provoking idea.

  6. Avatar Textual Phoenix

    This is terrific! Just the kind of stuff I’ve come to expect and enjoy from you, THX.

    “You been double-dipping your asthma meds again?”

    That’s one of the best lines I’ve ever read!

  7. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I was just thinking that “double-dipping asthma meds” was the sort of phrase only Dr. THX could come up with.

    Of course, being asthmatic, I think it kinda sounds like fun. And a bit trippy.

  8. Avatar Nancy


  9. Avatar Kaleidoscope

    I very much enjoyed your story. It made me giggle. Good read.

  10. Avatar J. A. Keane

    Thought-provoking and dryly funny in equal measure. A sure-fire winner of a short story. =))

  11. Avatar Red Mint Valkyrie

    This story is out of control awesome.

  12. Avatar Sphinx Without A Secret

    This is great fun. I can just picture it – some poor berk staring at his lunatic scientist friend dashing about a physics lab. Fine comical dialogue.

  13. Avatar Asuterisuku

    I could just see this argument going on in my head… It makes me laugh.