The Raven

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Once, I wandered, weak and weary, through my laundry, stained and dreary
Searching for my quaint and curious purple socks of yore
There I came upon a t-shirt
Upon which, was a silkscreen of Dilbert
I looked upon it with disgust, and threw it on the floor.
This I did, and so much more.

Deeper still, inside the laundry, I had gotten lost, and, hungry
So I devoured a fungus found upon my bedroom floor
“Tis disgusting,” I said and shuddered, “This fungus found upon my bedroom floor.”

I distinctly remember wearing them last December
They warmed my toes, and when I was done I cast them upon the floor
Now they’re gone, gone forevermore.

“Purple Socks!” I cried so they could hear me
“Come back to me!” I did decree
“Come warm my frozen feet forevermore!”

And then, I saw them, softly glowing
Laying on the floor, unknowing
Unknowing how I sought them on the floor

And now my socks have reunited with my feet, who are delighted!
I’ve reunited with my purple socks that I thought lost forevermore!
Wait these are blue

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  1. Avatar AdorableBlanket

    once again, my characters have tasted victory only to have it snatched away at the last moment

  2. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Hahaha. You’re clever, and the ending cracked me up. Nice work.

  3. Avatar AdorableBlanket

    no, YOU are the clever one.

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel


  5. Avatar beautifuletdown