Why I Was Arrested

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So, it all started when I was in a club dancing with a girl.

Well, more of a woman than a girl, really. A mature lady.

And dancing probably isn’t the right term. More like flailing.

And when I say ‘with’, I mean in the general proximity of.

And the place wasn’t much like a club

In fact it wasn’t a club at all.

It was a carpark.

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  1. Avatar BA Boucher

    Very nicely done

  2. Avatar Oy

    I love these type of things!

  3. Avatar jesteram

    You get the biggest startled guffaws out of me. Please warn me next time so I can make sure my 1-month-old isn’t sleeping on my chest.

  4. Avatar J.M.V.

    That was pretty great.

    Let us know things were wrong, leave the rest up to the imagination.

  5. Avatar Ronnie

    Ha ha ha ha ha. That was fantastic. I didn’t actually read the title first so when I did go back and read it you got a laugh out of me.

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