Until the Last Rays of the Sun

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There was a time when I wanted my revenge.

I had been locked up, immortal and unchanging, inside that cavern. All because some upstart mortal had to be a bloody hero. My existence had since been spent chipping my way out of that prison cell, the face of that mortal burned on my eyelids. Relishing the imagined memory of how good it would feel to crush his head in my hands. Chipping away at the rock, sometimes very cold, sometimes very hot.

But it’s all come to nothing. Nothing but the darkness of the sky, and the flashing white dot of what was once the sun. And now it’s just me and the rocks.

The mortals had won.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Neat idea. It really does make one wonder what a mind would do with a long-held desire that turned out to be not only impossible but pointless.

  2. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Whoa, this is great. It starts off with a bang; the character’s rage is palpable. Like THX said, the letdown must be something indeed… nice work!

  3. Avatar Darren Landrum

    I can actually see this one in my head as a short film. I might just try to do that. Thank you all for the comments. :)