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Born in California, raised in Colorado, heart in outer space. I’m interested in electronics, engineering, physics, traveling, film and video, podcasting, and making music. All of those things kinda go together, really.


  1. Deadline

    “The last backup battery just died.” The flight director finally laid his head on his desk. “So, that’s it, then? The world’s done for, and we have no way to bring our probe back.” If only everyone could know just ho...

  2. Unintended Consequences (Mature)

  3. Until the Last Rays of the Sun

    There was a time when I wanted my revenge. I had been locked up, immortal and unchanging, inside that cavern. All because some upstart mortal had to be a bloody hero. My existence had since been spent chipping my way out of that prison cell, the face o...

  4. A Pun Most Noble

    “I beg of your pardon, craftsman.” The knight sat on his horse with all the poise of a man of his station. “Can you tell me, please, how do I get to the Duke’s castle from here?” The glassblower, preparing coal for the day...

  5. Wishes

    I wish You were Your sister (See, it even has extra line breaks like a real poem. Your sister would understand that.)

  6. The Silent Lagoon

    There was once a turtle who lived in a silent lagoon. She loved how quiet it was, and liked having it to herself. One day, a dolphin came to live in the lagoon. He was quite friendly, but he was always clicking and chirping so he could find his way. Th...

  7. Ten Minutes After Death (Mature)

  8. Or Something Like That (Mature)

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