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“MTC initiating hundred-twenty mill’ barrage.”
“Rider 1, contacts inside weapon lock range.”
“Omega inside contact range, speed is 12-point-2 Mach.”
“This is Rider 2, I’ve got a missile lock on me. Out of countermeasures, bingo fuel. Firing remaining missiles with marginal lock. Altitude 20500 feet, punch at five-five-two over nine-one-seven, 4 kicks from Omega bearing one-seven-nine.”
“This is Rider 8, bingo’d. Punch out at 20000 feet, five-four-one nine-oh-five. 4 klicks from Omega bearing one-eight-two.
“Rider 1 to Big Bird, I’m dropping planes like flies. Omega is coming in fast and hot. Distance to package is 2.5 kicks, over.”
“Big Bird, acknowledge. Request fuel status for remaining birds.”
“Rider 4, fuel display shows empty. Not bingo yet, though.”
Rider 7, gauge shows 2 minutes flying time left."
“Rider 1, likewise. Engines have switched to pressurised-fume operation mode. All other birds have punched.”

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Very engaging, action-packed series, fellas!

Inspired by

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