Are Books More Dangerous Than Movies?

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Ok I just noticed something… Correct me if I’m wrong.

If a movie is determined innapropiate for a certain audience; they give it a rating so that audience can’t see it without parental consent, right?

But a book; of the same caliber I might add can be purchased by anyone?

Are books more dangerous than movies?

Movies get banned from your WHOLE country if it’s too innapropiate.

But a book? Since when have countries banned books? I have never heard of that…

Heh. Maybe in China they ban books. China has never been dumb about letting ideas they don’t like through their borders.

But due to the fact that books are uncensored are they more dangerous?

You decide. Personally I think books can be more dangerous.

Give me your opinion.

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  1. Avatar Beverice

    i think books are more dangerous if you know what its talking about, but movies can be just as dangerous, because it is graphic, its really either-or

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