Ashes Ramain: Chapter One;; Part 3

Avatar Author: ` k i w i ` Hey, so erm ... hi. I'm purdy new, and all. I was inspired by this place to write a story, and so far (as of Sunday, August 29th) I'm two chapters into it. I HOPE to write a chapter a day. BUT ... we all know how that wil... Read Bio

Not twenty minutes later, there was a polite knock on my cubicle wall. My back went straight as I ground my stubby nails into my desk. Could I go a single moment without being interrupted!? Turning my cold blue eyes away from my computer, I met my current situation. She was a small thing, taking up very little hallway space, brown eyes and brown hair greeted her face. There was a sad and worried look on her features.
“I am so terribly sorry. We just got the call …. They said—They said that there was nothing they could do. It was too much …. It couldn’t be stopped … the fire ….” her voice trailed off at an apparent loss for words.
My face pinched with anger, “What on earth are you talking about!? ‘The fire’? WHAT??” These constant interruptions really getting annoying, and , my voice was showing it.
She took in a little gulp of air and said calmly: “You have had a house fire. The city said that there was nothing they could do it was too powerful. It took …,” she paused, “Everything.”

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Before me now stood a large black man. A bead of sweat dribbled down my temple as I gulped what could have been my last breath. The creature ...

Ashes Ramain: Chapter One;; Part 2 by ` k i w i `