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Hey, so erm … hi. I’m purdy new, and all. I was inspired by this place to write a story, and so far (as of Sunday, August 29th) I’m two chapters into it. I HOPE to write a chapter a day. BUT … we all know how that will go.

Yeah … one chapter a day … Not happening. I can’t even type that much in a day! And I keep getting stuck. I don’t have Block, really. I’m just … un-inspired … >.> Very disenchanting.


  1. Ashes Remain: Chapter Two;; Part 1

    I flew, taking the small cement stairs in great leaps. Eight flights later, I burst through a maintenance door, into one of the many side streets of the large city. Adrenaline pounded through my veins as I raced through the city streets, dodging the bu...

  2. Ashes Ramain: Chapter One;; Part 3

    Not twenty minutes later, there was a polite knock on my cubicle wall. My back went straight as I ground my stubby nails into my desk. Could I go a single moment without being interrupted!? Turning my cold blue eyes away from my computer, I met my curr...

  3. Ashes Ramain: Chapter One;; Part 2

    Before me now stood a large black man. A bead of sweat dribbled down my temple as I gulped what could have been my last breath. The creature opened his gaping mouth, “I am sorry, truly sorry to tell you this, but the corporation is having to make...

  4. Ashes Remain: Chapter One;; Part 1

    I sat hunched over a keyboard, punching in keys with great speed. I took pride in my work, although it was only a boring office job. I was merely a number in a sea of cubicles, but at least I enjoyed what I did, being anonymous. I heard someone clear t...

  5. Ashes Remain: Prologue Part 2

    Quivering digits turned the pale photograph over, my crystal orbs studying it’s backside. A short sigh of breath escaped as I turned the picture over once again. I stood, my gray suit jacket rustling against the wooden chair that I had just sat o...

  6. Ashes Remain: Prologue Part 1

    I looked up, waking from a daze. My cold, pale fingers shook as they held a small black-and-white photo. It was of a small girl, maybe 16-years in age, cuddling a black kitten in her slender arms. He face was scrubby, her clothes looked like they had n...

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