So Damn Useless........A True Story pt. 2

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And then she did the most heart breaking thing. She told me she would sing a song to cheer me up. (She likes to sing and does it all the time.)

Now it takes a really special person to turn stop worrying about themselves when they have more to worry about to cheer up someone else. She was the one who needed to-no deserved to be sung to. And me being so damn useless had to be cheered up by the one that needed cheering up.

She sung our song. (Home by Vanessa Carlton) And I started to cry. Because she loves me enough that while she is broken and hurt and no one can comfort her she takes the time to help comfort others.

When she was done singing I told her I cried and she’s been wanting to make me cry for awhile; after I made her cry with our last anniversary poem.

Last Night has to be one of the saddest nights of my life. One where I failed so miserably- was So Damn Useless that I wish I could change but even if I had the oppurtunity I wouldn’t know how.

I love her with all my heart. Even though I’m useless.

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  1. Avatar Beverice

    Yoy, you cant blame yourself, theres nothing you really can do, it doesn’t make you useless.

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Last night I found out a close family friend of my girlfriend had gotten ovarian cancer. And it had gotten worse. My girlfriend told me this....

So Damn Useless........A True Story by The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

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