Stress Control

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The sensors officer was on the edge of his seat. “Enemy ships have opened fire! Tracking three rounds on intercept vectors.”
The helmsman fired the port thrusters. “Evasive maneuvers, aye,” was all he said. “Firing lock ready, sir. Current spin will give correct alignment in eleven seconds.”
The captain nodded, gaze steely. “What’s the status on the A-rack missiles?”
“Alpha wave missiles closing in. Only 4 warheads lost, fuel green.”
“And the crew?”
“General quarters sounded, all personnel accounted for at battle stations. Non-essential compartments vented to space.”
“Good. Fire at will.”
“Second volley inbound, four rounds.”
“Main gun rounds away. Firing starboard; where’s the data, sensors? – shit! Round skimmed off the underside armour, we’ve lost all of aft 5 C rack missiles are toast. Drive 4 is gone.”
“Evade, evade!”
“Negative, sir. Main fuel line ruptured. We can’t – solid hits on Fore 2 armour! Hull breach, hull breach! Stress control failure across all fore and mid sections. We’re losing her-”

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  1. Avatar Luke Nicolaou

    Dammit, you love making this difficult don’t you! I’m torn for my winner, because this sort of thing is exactly what I had in mind when I started the challenge and you have nailed it spot on.

    On the other hand, I’m wondering if I should go for creativity and taking the challenge in a direction I wouldn’t have necessarily done otherwise….

  2. Avatar HSAR

    I didn’t expect this one to win, it’s just a quick one in homage to old clich├ęs and classic science fiction.

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