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As a man walked down one of the many halls of his Alma Mater, the world seemed to have gone silent, if only for a moment. All that could be heard were the sirens emanating from afar, and the muffled sounds of the class, enclosed within the small room. A room which, to the inhabitants, only seemed to be getting smaller.

“I’ve studied the movements from the game for hours on end. I’ve learned everything I need to crush this place under my boot”, the man says to himself, taking a deep breath in the same way a diver takes a breath before a jump.

“I think I’m ready”

From within the classroom, the men and women of the group only speak in whispers. The screams coming from around the campus had warned them. They had seen it happen on the news before, but none of them thought it would ever happen to their school. Groups would later form in protest of the video game that started it all.

Throwing himself at the door, the man breaks the protective barrier

Raising his gun at the crowd, he yells, “IT’S A-ME, MARIO!”

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  1. Avatar Tommy T.H.

    Oh god this is awful

    Why did I write this???