A Rough Patch

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Anson: I hate jobs like this and I shoulda asked before, but this is a paying job, right?

Simon: What do you think? I’m not out here for fun.

Anson: I know. You and fun don’t mix.

Simon: Whaddya mean?

Anson: Nevermind. I just want your word that this isn’t another stupid charity heist.

SImon: We’re going to get paid.

Anson: What’re you not telling me. Oh Christ, this isn’t for Emma is it? It is. Goddamnit! What have you gotten me into? I’m your friend, but a man’s gotta draw the line somewhere. I don’t want to help you anchor yourself to some simpering sot!

Simon: She’s a nice girl!

Anson: That’s not the point! You remember what happened to Donnie after he started courting Leanne? Neck-danced. Or how about little Brandon and what was her name? Duchess Er-

Simon: Urtha.

Anson: That’s right. Duchess Urtha. Another victim of the hang-man’s jig. And he took his whole crew with him. It was a regular ball. You can commit suicide if you want but I’m not going to end up like them. You hear me? I’m not!

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Fun back and forth, really paints the situation, their history, and the sort of company they keep, not to mention the morality tale of what infatuation will get you.

  2. Avatar Kihd

    It’s like watching a literary tennis game; and good one, at that. You really rocked this challenge. Like @THX said, it really gives a glimpse of their history together.
    I also love the alliteration “simpering sot”. Heheh.

  3. Avatar Kihd

    heheh I still love this.

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