Stego the Dino

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The Dino was after him – about to catch up! He had to keep going, faster, further…
So he ran as far as he could;
Which wasn’t very far since Stego was on a treadmill in the local gym, just round the corner from his home.
You see Stego had found this was the only way he could actually keep this supposedly ‘healthy’ habit up – by making it much more exciting than it actually was. And dinosaurs were what interested and excited him. The seed had been planted by Jurassic park when he was six, then nurtured with the musuem trips . Now it was digs, bones, roaring and raging, and lots of dinos. All he wanted was to find a dinosaur and name it after himself. He was sure that was his destiny.
But there was one issue. His size. The source of every trouble at school.He was never going to get anywhere with all that excess baggage on him. Dinosuars hadn’t! It had to go.
And so the Chase had begun. It was him, or the lump of a dino that followed him everywhere.
And, really, logically, it had to be the fat dinosaur.

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    Aw, I feel kinda bad for Stego! At least he’s doing something to change it. :)
    I do like the story line though, I think that it could be a good series.

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