Lucky Lunches

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I sit at the table in the corner of Don’s Diner. I have no money and no intention to pay for my food. We have a very special tradition at Don’s. And no It’s not the five finger discount.

We call it “Lucky Lunches”.

This tradition is done for one homeless man every hour. If I guess which plate Don made.. I get to eat it.. I’ve never won and I know there won’t be a next time. Food is desolate on the streets. And I know the next chance I’d probably be able to get this chance among the other local bums won’t be fast enough to save my life.

The usual crowd gathers around me like I’m an animal. Looking for some form of perverse entertainment. I ignore them.

Don walks up with the two dishes. One is a chicken pot pie.. And the other one is a steak and lays them on the table.

Unlike the other hobos; I look at Don not the food. I find no help. Don is a portly man with a big heart so I choose the pot pie.

Don looks at me and points at the steak.

My heart sinks. I will die.

He takes the steak and walks away…

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  1. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    I tried to blend kihd’s and officially’s together. Making a non-lethal situation into a quest for survival. Come to your own conclusion on the end.

    There is one. May not be as cryptic as I’m making it out to be.. But please Let me know what you think the ending was.. After one or two conclusions I’ll tell you.

  2. Avatar Kihd

    Hmm… I like it. I’ll have to think about the conclusion though. This is pretty interesting.

    Did you bring a new character into the story? The only one that hasn’t been written about yet is the girl, Lucy, but you said the game was played once an hour for one homeless man.

    Not being snappy, just need a clarification. :)

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Tragic situation, though there is a sense of mirth and gamesmanship to it. Interesting.

  4. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    Oh! No I simply forgot it wasn’t left out and since you guys didn’t do more than one ficly I thought that since literally this is my best I’d make it one ficly.

    I didn’t want to copy you guys so I added and subtracted elements from both the best that I could.

    I’m satisfied with this though I didn’t meet the formula by one character.. If I can do another ficly I’ll elaborate more on who the girl would represent which I already have an idea for.

  5. Avatar Empty J

    Nice job. Check that last sentence in the third paragraph – I can’t seem to make sense of it (likely needs to be shortened or broken up into two sentences?)

  6. Avatar Jason Month

    I got a distinct feeling of perverse charity or tradition from this story, exactly like the kind I got from reading Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” or William James’ “The Ones who Walk Away From Omelas.” Especially after that line about “perverse entertainment.”

    Very well done

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