drip drip drip

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She gulped as sweat ran down her face freely as if a river. she held a gun in her hands, she heard a distant, drip drip drip. she walked on, she went around a corner. She held it out in front of her, and continued until she reached a house, drip drip drip. she walked in, the smell of death and rotting things filled the air, drip drip drip. she walked into the kitchen, it was dark, drip drip drip. she flicked on the light to see… a dead man impaled by a knife laying on a counter, the drip drip drip continued. it was his blood dripping off the counter, making a river that lead into a pool of it on the floor. She shrieked as she to, was impaled and murdered . she was put on a table, drip drip drip.

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  1. Avatar Sam Ervin

    I think this story would benefit greatly from some formatting. Italicizing every drip, drip, drip and setting them in separate paragraphs would do wonders for the story’s suspense.

    It’s a good story though: simple, but worded well. Just needs that extra push!

  2. Avatar Riley

    thx, i made it form meh moms account, i tried..

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