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  1. Down down down....Up up up

    Down down down she plummeted, her arms flailing . “SIX!” her friends yelled from the edge, she stared up at the star speckled sky, ’may all whom see this, be as strong…brave…smart as i, from my legacy needs a better ending...

  2. Ace of tens (Mature)

  3. drip drip drip (Mature)

  4. A raven with a reason

    “death will take what it wants..leaving trouble in its wake..”these words haunted Laurie as she sat in a hospital chair, waiting with held breath and a beating heart to know if her brother would be alright. "it’ll be okay..’...

  5. Friends..family..whatever...

    Savanna walked out side, her face buried in her hands, she was sobbing wildly. Dashian ran out, ‘savanna!" he yelled, but before he could reach her, he was shot, she yelped, and ran off into the night, still sobbing, “MADNESS!!” ...

  6. Bullet proof

    She stared around, holding her newly injured arm. She gasped in pain as she picked up a pistol and armed it. she looked up at the now fiery night sky.. "Jorge..’ she said, before whipping around to meet face to face with her best friend john...

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