How to Hook Up

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It’s easier to sleep facing away from them. That way, when your eyes start bulging out and you start to bite your lip they can’t see. And when they say something smooth, and you reply with something stupid, they can’t see you open your mouth in a silent scream. If you want the awkward conversation to end, or if you want them to stop running their fingers along the inside of your thigh, it is easy enough to pretend to be asleep. You just have to focus on steadying your breathing, keeping your eyes closed and relaxed, and never reacting to anything they may say or do.

In the morning, it is pertinent that pretend to be late for something immediately after you wake up. This helps to prove the point that you could not linger in bed even if they wanted you to. Do not expect or initiate a kiss good bye. Put your clothes on. Pull your hair back. And Go.

That’s how you hook up.

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  1. Avatar Riley

    good.. in a…excentirc way? just good.i guess..

  2. Avatar Riley

    good.. in a…excentirc way? just good.i guess..

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Matter of fact, but still seems to convey the tragedy or sadness of it, something empty in the encounter.

  4. Avatar Anonymuncule

    You get five pencils for the truth of it all.

  5. Avatar The Electric Hillbilly

    So will you write a sequel called the “Walk of Shame?” If you don’t, I might be inclined. Honestly, I think your observations here are well done and maintain reader interest. Well done!

  6. Avatar Lady Bug

    feel free to write a sequel. I’ve never felt anything inspiring on a walk of shame

  7. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    I love the subject matter and how you approached it.

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