Murder Cold As Ice

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She looked as out of place as a priest in a strip club. Her body was a perfect hourglass, topped by a drop dead gorgeous face, luscious lips and big blue eyes that seemed as deep as twin bottomless pools of spring water. She wore a one piece red dress that barely kept her legal above matching high heels. She stood on a pair of legs any man would kill to touch.

As she crossed the bar, every eye in the place was on her. She sat down opposite me in the back booth next to the wall. Smiling an angelic smile that could have melted the devil’s heart, she gazed into my eyes, straight into the darkest part of my soul. I lost myself in her completely just a long enough for her to get the drop on me.

“What can I do for you, Honey?” I said more calmly than I felt. “We got some beef I don’t know about?”

She thumbed back the hammer on the .38 Special. “Sure we do, Johnny. you knocked up my baby sister. Now you die.”

I said, “My name’s not Johnny.” as I reached out for her gun.

She smiled and squeezed the trigger.

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