I wish I would have worked in Halflings

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As he stood upon the idling Mac truck, his sword-wand Stab-Caster in hand, Prince Adam Fire-Blade III surveyed his forces, which his grandfather had spent years building. Thankfully, his grandfather had died and there was just his father to go.

From the royal 18-wheeler, he could see the minotaur cavalry on either flank, the demon elven archers in the back, werewolf pike-men digging in, and the paladin lizard-men began their spells with calls to RR’RRRRRRR, the God of charity and hellfire.

Across the great plain, the army of zomdoirs (zombie androids) began to march (well, shamble really) but they did it with military procession towards them.

Prince Adam called out to the army assembled, row upon row in front of him.


They turned around.

“Good. Today you fight for me, your soon-to-be king! And as you die, remember that you died for your king. So, in summary: you kill them, maybe you die, but still… King this guy [Adam points his thumbs toward himself] right here! Now charge!”

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    What a wanker! Prince Adam needs to work on his “rah-rah” speech.

    Quirky little world though…sort of Middle Earth meets cyperpunk

  2. Avatar Jer Ray

    God of charity and hellfire…that’s cool.

  3. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I like how the 1024 character limit means that you can only show a little glimpse of this bizarre world.

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