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I leave my words etched in stone for those to come after me.

Stone… wood… blood… flesh… All of the elements of construction known to Man have formed the frame of this monstrosity. I was chosen to fashion this part of the Machine and I know that I will never live to see the light of day, nor see my work completed. One could say that I am yet another Aspect of its operation.

My part of the Machine seems to be something similar to the Labyrinths of Old Legend. I’ve lain traps and puzzles which – despite having personally created them – I fear I could never cross again. Each time I’ve tried to include a loophole, the Machine has ‘repaired’ it on its own.

I’ve recieved blueprints with vague instructions on how they would connect with the work of others like me. I work inexorably toward the goal, each detail of design meticulously planned… but by whom? Those who built the Machine? The Machine itself?

My sympathies to you, Traveler, and Good luck.

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  1. Avatar Jason Month

    Oh my god I may have to make a GURPS campaign around this… This would be such a perfect setup for an epic trap dungeon.

    I think you meant “monstrosity,” unless you were trying to make a portmanteau of that and “city.”

  2. Avatar Tesseract

    YES! Yes, it was just a clever turn of phrase!

    Good luck to your poor adventurers in that campaign. I’ve never been too interested in trying to DM myself. I have too much fun wrecking the best-laid plans of my DMs. XD

  3. Avatar Marli

    I like the way you tried to leave loopholes but they were repaired. Hell! How does one get out. Perhaps you could leave trapdoors next to the loopholes that the repair couldn’t see. Sounds like an eternal loop.

  4. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Oh this is glorious!

    So puzzling, enigmatic, wonderfully written – little things like ‘blood’ being considered an element of construction, and, as Marli mentioned, the sinisterly self-fixing loopholes, make the piece feel claustrophobic, as it should…

    Great piece – I need to know what happens now! MH :)

  5. Avatar Jason Month

    Ah! I hope this doesn’t seem trite, but I’ve pinned down what’s been bothering me about this. You’ve used the word “construct” or “construction” too many times. I’d suggest using “build” or “creation…”

    Hope this helps more than naggs.

  6. Avatar Tesseract

    Oh dear god you’re right. My apologies.

    Pardon me while I concisely connive contrary construction. :D

  7. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    It’s a neat idea and a good set up for an adventure. Okay, I had a whole rant here about a warning left for someone that has to be left deep within by this guy who can’t get out as being a pointless warning, but I think that had less to do with your piece and more to do with how Jason set it up in his prequel.

  8. Avatar Tesseract

    Actually, this piece came first.

    It’s not so much a warning as a chronicle or confession. The Artisan’s only chance to make sure that something of himself (other just than his sector of the Machine) survives.

    One must also consider that since his ‘loopholes’ were automatically repaired by the Machine that if the Machine thought these words etched into its walls were helpful they’d be ‘repaired’ as well. ;)

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