Rain Rain Windy Windy

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Rain Rain
Windy Windy
Soak my brain
and send me spindy

Charging forward
through deluge
rushing toward
dry refuge

Safely home
Look outside
Sun-filled dome
rainbow tied.

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  1. Avatar Tesseract

    “Rain Rain Windy Windy” from the ‘World of Goo’ OST by Kyle Gabler

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Cute little poem, whatever the inspiration for it. Hadn’t heard of that, though I don’t even know what an OST is.

  3. Avatar Tesseract

    OST = Original Soundtrack. The album was made available for free by Kyle himself a while back. GREAT instrumental music… NOT what you’d expect from a puzzle game at all.( http://2dboy.com/2009/01/20/world-of-goo-soundtrack-now-available-for-download/ )

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