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I hear them again. Mom said it was just my imagination but I can’t turn it off. I imagined the TV and pressed the button but the people just stayed on the screen. They talk and I can’t see them. I open my eyes and the TV is gone I can’t see them and they still talk.

Some of them are talking to me. They call me by name. Some are talking to each other and I listen. Sometimes they were sad and sometimes happy. Sometimes they cry and sometimes they scream. I just can’t sleep or play or read or do anything I like to do. They keep telling me where to find the pictures. They want me to find pictures.

Last year, when I was 9, I was missing for two days and I don’t remember it. The voices started then. I walked from my bedroom and stopped in the hall to look at the water lilies then I walked into the living room and everyone was yelling that I was back. I can’t tell them where I was because I wasn’t anywhere. I walked down the hall and now the voices keep me awake and tell me to look at the water lilies again.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    You have some grammar stuff to work one with some run-on sentence and missing commas on legitimate compound sentences. There’s a lot of potential here, but it gets lost in how difficult it is to read.

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