Advice For All of the Single Girls, Ladies, and Women On Ficly

Avatar Author: Tad Winslow "If you don't work nothing will." Maya Angelou Read Bio

Scrutinize guys
Who comprise lies
Cute in suits and ties
Refute their loose eyes
Chop them down to size
Make them hide their pride
Inside where double standards
Rubble as their inner city planners
Anger and manors made of manners
Collapse, watch them clamor on like rats
Sounding like morons who lack wit or tact
Bounding out of the cracks of rain slick slats
Little brittle paws and toes unable to grasp at
Coherency, trying to bail, to set sail, not so fast
A cat’s on a face to floor slice open the core attack
Her Bruce Lee pedigree has broken the truce treaty
Remember how it used to be, post-cambrian, when brave
Brain dead cave men hunted, slaving for something, thumping
Their fists in the petri-dish, grunting in the grist, emerging from the mist
With dinner? Well, hell, the bread winner today only needs the might of insight,
So take delight when simple men bend, upset with you for staying true
Watch them fret, stall, stew, sweat, then finally admit their balls are blue
Just laugh them off and walk on through.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Nice rhythm to it, and I couldn’t resist the title. love the message at the end too…well, not so much the blue balls, but the ‘walk on through’.

  2. Avatar The Electric Hillbilly

    The rhyme, rhythm, and form in your stuff is compelling. The title was perfect and the rhymes flow like butta. Although I’m a hillbilly from Alabama, I’m also a rap fan. Can’t help but think your skillz with the quilz wouldn’t be cool with something dark — sorta like a Killah Priest rap…. For example:

    “I’m hell spawned, drawn near the Hell’s gate. The Indian lady warned me an old man, with pale face. She said forked tongue makes painful kisses. And Priest, when you talk, all the angels listen”

    Sorry bout the long comment. Just wanted to say I like it!

  3. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Electric, Thank you for the long comment! I’ve written my ‘ridiculously long’ share of comments too, haha. One time I wrote a comment that was darn near longer than the ficly itself. I know of killah priest, and I’ll take your suggestion to heart, my man.

  4. Avatar The Electric Hillbilly

    Glad you will take it to heart. I respektz your talent and would love to see you “zpearment” with the darker sidez of yo rhymez… Though what I like about Killah’ Priest is the christian nuances. I’m sure you get my point. You are one cool guy, Tad. Enjoy your friendship here at Ficly!

  5. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    girl powah! lol, nice advice. It’s a power ballad with a good message, to stay true.

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