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In the long gray halls, I stare down at my red stripe tie when he passes. In the lunchroom, I sit with the same people I’ve always known and scowl at him when he comes near our Scrabble board.

I don’t want to meet the new guy at work. I don’t want to find out if he’s easy going, awkward, funny, or plain. Whatever he is, he’s been here with another face, and there will be another to replace him when he’s gone.

I hate his authentic laughter. I hate his questions, but, even more, I hate his intrigue at the answers. I hate that he watches me like a child looking for a role model.

He wants to run at the same pace as the herd, but I couldn’t care less if he’s trampled.

He’ll grow comfortable in a few months. Somehow he’ll find his place and acceptance. But I’ll still hate him from afar, hate him because he’s doing my job and on my level, hate him because I’ve been here longer and no one seems to fucking care.

I’ll hate him when he leaves. But mostly I’ll hate that I’ll still be here when he comes back.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    maybe, they like to hire new people at lower wages, and fire people before they can officially retire and claim their pensions.

  2. Avatar Ronnie

    Wow. That was a really strong piece Jesse. This may have been your most insightful and thought-provoking work to date. My highest marks.

  3. Avatar Jesse Blake

    Edited a bit; reworked the last line. Thanks for reading/commenting!

  4. Avatar D.E DeWitt

    Great work. Completely captures the unfounded annoyance with people that are new to work and seem to have it made in the corporate ladder. Good narration and character.

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