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  1. the world relates to you

    tick tock the big and little hand in you heart is almost to that time where your clock stops look at us. just a sack full of emotions looking for release. yes… we tread life and create emotional blisters looking for some hot needle of insight t...

  2. Life is Short (Mature)

  3. 1:18am

    You can’t sleep at night because there is no one in your bed. You lie awake and listen to your heart beat and wonder what keeps it from just stopping. Claim whatever you want to believe: there is no God, there is no such thing as love… it d...

  4. Flower Field (Mature)

  5. Here

    Where do they go? The ones who are no longer here? Why am I here? With such a small group? Why is it so dark? Are those stars splattered against the sky? Am I on an island? Barely floating on the sea? Can we get out of this chill? Why is the air as st...

  6. New (Mature)

  7. Temptation Waits (Mature)

  8. Optimism

    A lot of really important stuff happened before you arrived. It’s all right; at least I got to sleep in. That pretty girl from the coffee shop cancels dinner with you again. Guess I get to kickback at home and watch movies. You trip on a hose and...

  9. Aspirations

    There are two positions in life a person aspires to be: the one we write down on paper and the subtle one that can never quite be defined. The question was so much simpler as a kid. “What do you want to be?” “A zoo keeper!” And then I would eat...

  10. Bedtime

    From his place on the carpet among his small plastic army men and Hot Wheels, the boy heard his mom shift on the couch and clear her throat. “Time to go to bed, sweetie.” He froze for a moment and didn’t move until his hand stung from...

  11. Happiness in My Stomach

    More chicken tenders to replace the delicate fingers that never brush my arm or stroke my cheek. Another cake to rebel against my fate of eating the shitty dishes that life has served. Bring on the fries as well as all the lies that tell me that t...

  12. She

    She sits at the edge of my bed. Dawn scans my walls, Melissa brushes her hair out of her face, Joanne bites her lower lip. “I remember that movie,” Dawn says, “That’s a great poster.” “That was a lot of sushi at dinn...

  13. Part to Play (3/3)

    Climax: I pull creepy guy off the bed and fling him against the wall. He retaliates with a punch stronger than I expected. I stumble, and he lunges forward to take advantage of the situation. A lucky trip allows me to shift his body weight against the ...

  14. Part to Play (2/3)

    Rising action: kitchen and backyard yield no results. Party goers too drunk to be helpful. My character begins to panic. I go to the the bedrooms and systematically wrench open the doors. The second room is bathed in a pale blue light from a TV left on...

  15. Part to Play (1/3)

    This is the story I want to tell. And this is the first part: the setup. Setting: house party. Crowded, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. I’m sitting on a couch with my head tilted back and eyes closed. The alcohol has my brain tuned to pi...

  16. The Widow Had a Secret

    The widow had a secret, She held it quite close, She walked the town tight-lipped, Piquing the curiosity of most. Till one dawn came and The townsfolk banged on her door. They begged, pleaded, cried, “Tell us! We can’t take it anymore!̶...

  17. Sorry (Mature)

  18. Buried, but Beating

    I always see my heart deep in a cement block—buried, but beating. It’s there, it exists, but it is distant and difficult for anyone to touch. Don’t worry, I understand why you hate me. I deserve your one-word answers and lack of eye conta...

  19. Paladin

    He had to be here. He was the hero. His eyes were weary and only half opened, but they were fixed somewhere deeper than the collection of village cottages. It was night time now, and the citizenry were represented by the soft glow emanating from homes....

  20. Crowded Party (Mature)

  21. Curious Feeling

    The floor was growing colder against my back as my life drained away from my stomach. The creature stood above me, a slim silhouette slightly bent to look at me. It seemed to dangle down from the darkness. I didn’t see where claws could have come...

  22. Character of my Own

    I want a character of my own because whenever I think, speak, do, I ask: “Should I have thought, spoke, done?” Matt always has a witty response to everything; a loaded opinion pointed in all directions and ready to fire upon anyone who appr...

  23. Rusty

    my con-science pounds at door. “Damnit, author! Come out! You haven’t written anything for months. You’ll get rusty!” he is rite. my sentences are sloppy with unnecessary, punctuation. semicolons and colons are same in my eyes. ...

  24. Woman (Mature)

  25. If I really thought about it

    If I really thought about it, I would miss her sliding perfectly into my arms, like a puzzle piece meant to be next to me. I would be more lonely in a queen-size bed. I’d see it was an infinite love beyond my understanding. I’d see how quic...

  26. Juno in 10 Words

    There are no consequences for getting pregnant in high school.

  27. Describe something to someone lacking one of the five senses

    Sight: Violence is like the visualized form of the “something doesn’t feel quite right here” emotion. Sound: Old Nintendo music is like a bunch of colorful square blocks arranged in a logical and handsome pattern. Touch: The texture of feathers i...

  28. She/He

    She shifted under the blankets. “Is that it?” He turned on the Nintendo.

  29. 'Personal Hell' are such strong words (Mature)

  30. You know what I like?

    I like those manhole covers that have all or part of a street line painted on them and, due to being moved or opened, the manhole line runs in a different direction than the street line.

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