Ficlets Synopsis: Desert Story (Part One)

Toonrmicon Author: Robotech_Master Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Chris Meadows spent his formative years in Jonesboro, Arkansas, followed by the small-town environment of Cassville, Missouri, before moving to Springfield to attend Southwest Missouri State U... Read Bio


An Aegis operative, Strake, and his automech partner Streetsweeper have chased a Marauder convoy into the African desert, but ended up out of fuel. Just as Streetsweeper is about to process Strake into an emergency supply, they encounter an apparent escaped Marauder prisoner, a girl dressed in Marauder clothing. Not seeing any alternative, they process her instead.

The girl turns out to be laced with a nanite virus, shutting Streetsweeper down while Strake deals with an attack from human Marauder soldiers. Just as they bring him down, they are in turn taken out by a hovership and a motorcycle-based automech. It is piloted by a girl, Maius, who informs Strake that the girl he processed, Jiana, was her sister, and she has implanted bombs into both Strake and Streetsweeper that will go off unless they retrieve the Heartstar from the Lorduns.

With no choice but to cooperate, Strake and Streetsweeper undertake the mission.

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  1. Avatar boxofun

    It’s surely because of the lack of space that you couldn’t elaborate, but – do the two really just believe Maius? Those bombs could have been a ruse!

  2. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Indeed they could have! Who knows, maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. :)

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