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Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Chris Meadows spent his formative years in Jonesboro, Arkansas, followed by the small-town environment of Cassville, Missouri, before moving to Springfield to attend Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University). He graduated in 1996 with a degree in Mass Media, and returned a few years later for another degree in Computer Information Systems.

Most of Chris’s professional experience is in the customer service and technical writing fields. Chris has always enjoyed writing, and has been a moderator of two separate Usenet newsgroups. His other hobbies include collecting Japanese animation and Hong Kong action cinema, roleplaying, and the computer game City of Heroes.

Chris lives in Springfield, Missouri with his two cats, Benji and Diva. He is currently helping to organize a small gaming convention, Springfield G.A.M.E., at

On the original version of Ficlets, Chris wrote many interesting tales. They may be found in the Ficlets archive.


  1. That Has Such People in It

    James didn’t have time to be frightened before the robot’s hand thrust into the open back of a mid-sized U-Haul truck and dropped him, none too gently. Then the door slammed down, cutting off the light, and the truck started to move. James ...

  2. Process Oriented

    Meanwhile, miles away, Rae the scooter and Violet the girl stopped at the corner just up the street from Violet’s house. “Hey, why’d you stop?” Violet asked. “Look at the driveway.” An unfamiliar black van was just p...

  3. Fish or Cut Bait

    “Maybe we could take a look,” Rae mused. “Could be a Marauder base…” “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” Violet asked, converting to robot form in a clatter of moving parts. “The other me and the other you...

  4. Snack Attack

    Alex tugged hopelessly at Janine’s arm, but she barely even noticed his attempts and ended up dragging him forward with her. “This isn’t workiiiiing,” Alex murmured. He looked around for something, anything to use as a weapon—...

  5. Turn Around and Walk the Razor's Edge

    Violet didn’t say anything. Then, a moment later, Rae heard her own voice from a couple of days ago played back through Violet’s speakers. “Will you be good so we don’t both die? I’ll remove all the interlocks if you promise.” ̶...

  6. A Potential Potemkin

    Sera snorted. “I want you to know that if I end up singing ‘Jailhouse Rock’ in the impound yard, I’m blaming you.” “I’ll take that risk,” James said. “Look out! Traffic cams report automechs closing...

  7. Ficly

    Ficly. Ficly Ficly Ficly. Don’t Ficly sickly, Ficly quickly! Ficly.

  8. Self-Referential Doggerel P.S.

    My poems are silly, not hard to compose Rhyming is easy; there are plenty enough Words I can shoehorn wherever they’ll go That finding a good one is never too tough. Is it aspergers that makes me comply With fairly strict rhyme schemes in all of ...

  9. Self-Referential Doggerel

    Does anyone really read Ficly for poems? They’re easy to write, but so hard to sequel. There are plenty of rhymes, if you only but know ’em But not every poem is created equal. I never much bothered with poems before Whether writing or read...

  10. Homegirl

    I am a home. Of course, I’m also a girl. The home part, you can’t really see. But there’s a spell that installed a handy little apartment inside my imagination. My residents step through a portal in my hair, and turn into figments unt...

  11. Deja Scoot

    Meanwhile, at the other end of the school yard, another girl on another scooter surveyed the evacuation. Violet had thought there was something odd about it, then Rae, her scooter, had reminded her that the fire trucks were the wrong color. And relucta...

  12. A Sequel About Poem Stories

    I don’t have the time To check every rhyme To make sure it’s sound not just sight And so in the end It might just offend So you don’t rate as high as you might It’s very well To write doggerel About posts of a sequely nature. Wr...

  13. Subway Gunfire

    “Oh crap! Nicky! What do I do?” I glanced down at the iPhone screen, but all I saw was the “busy syncing” notification. She wasn’t able to hear me. She was completely out of it. The light was sticking close on our trail. I...

  14. Gift Rapt (Mature)

  15. Ficlets Synopsis: Automech Vignettes (Part Two)

    Locked in the Dark – Trapped between two blast doors, a man and his automech partner wait to see if the Marauders are going to attack through smaller ventilation ducts. The Marauder Factory – ...

  16. Ficlets Synopsis: Automech Vignettes (Part One)

    Aegis Library – Shelly, the Aegis Librarian, reflects on the nature of Libraries—the vaults where Aegis and Marauders store the “souls” of those they digitize, and also use as processors in gigantic...

  17. Ficlets Synopsis: Desert Story (Part Two)

    Strake and Streetsweeper set off for Lordun, the Marauders’ city, their mission complicated by the fact that Jiana and Streetsweeper are bickering over sharing Streetsweeper’s body. When they reach the outskirts of Lordun, a recon probe fin...

  18. Ficlets Synopsis: Desert Story (Part One)

    Starts: Continues: An Aegis operative, Strake, and his automech partner Streetsweeper have chased a Marauder convoy into the African desert, but ended up out of fuel. Just as Streetswee...

  19. Ficlets Synopsis: The Ship of the Way (Desert Story Prelude)

    First: (continues via “We Come In Peace”) Second: (a sequel didn’t get posted with the link intact) Part of the first story from the Aegis/Marauders setting. ...

  20. Subway Pursuit

    We barrelled along through a universe of dimly-lit concrete and steel. I split my attention between the tunnel and the map, carefully making sure I was following its course. Whoever set this insane escape route up would have planned in at least some sa...

  21. Pardon Me, But Would You Have Any Grey Energon?

    “I found you rather charming, actually, if a bit naive,” the newcomer said in a cultured male voice. His gun never wavered. From the assortment of car part junk hanging off of him, I judged he might turn into a limousine or other Grey Poupo...

  22. Partnership of the Gun

    “My future?” I asked. She nodded, kneeling down to speak to me face to face. “I can probably get you assigned to another robot body, if you want. A car, like mine, or a motorcycle.” I shook my head, the servos making little whir...

  23. Man I Feel Like a Robot

    I took my first steps in my new body, then turned to look at my robot savior. “Thank you,” I whispered. “You’re all right now?” she asked. “More than all right. It’s like you’ve given me my life back.R...

  24. Ficlets Synopsis: Nina, Queen of the Unicorns

    Begins: Nina notices a strange terrarium on her co-worker Alan’s desk. It seems bigger on the inside than the outside, and has strange creatures in it that he claims are unicorns. When Nina shows a bit too muc...

  25. Cinéma Vérité

    I was sitting in my office on the third floor, going over my reviews for the next week’s papers, when my phone rang. “Yes?” “I wanted to talk about the review you gave the latest James Bond movie,” a voice said. It sounded...

  26. Aegis Interrogation

    \Don’t all you bots have code-names? It’s “Karma,” if you must know. But I still think of myself as Matthew Karson. \So you just took the first syllables of your name for your codename. Cute. Run over any dogmas lately? Ha ha. N...

  27. Ficlets Synopsis: Marauded!

    Chain 1: Chain 2: Hacker chick Jeanette Leroq was absorbed into the upholstery of her getaway cab, and woke in what seemed to be her own room, under a compulsion to hack websites over a...

  28. A Sinister Evacuation

    Rae gripped the handlebars as if her life depended on it as Vi-scooter bumped down the stairs to the first floor. Someone yelled, “Hey!” Rae chanced a look over her shoulder. It was the principal, and he looked mad. “Oh, I am so buste...

  29. Ficlets Synopsis: Ada Sherwood, Decepticon Girl

    Story chain 1: Story chain 2: (one of the ficlets in chain 1 is lacking its “next story” link) In my circa-2050 Aegis/Marauders setting, a Transformers Decepticon...

  30. Subway Rider

    On the one hand, I was trying to drive an unfamiliar bike through a subway tunnel at breakneck speeds, and the sooner someone who knew what she was doing could take over, the better. On the other hand, for her to take over, I’d have to drive it b...

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