'They' = Human: An Extra-terrestrial Report

Avatar Author: Tad Winslow "If you don't work nothing will." Maya Angelou Read Bio

The Statue of Liberty stands alone on its island in the darkness. The spotlights that normally illuminate its green glow have since been lifted from the Earth and sent into orbit. They meander weightlessly in a mysterious bubble wrap that encapsulates both people and the things ‘they’ construct and crowd.

The people are safe. Each bubble contains enough oxygen, food, and water for them to survive. The football stadium has its own fare for the patrons and oxygen tanks for the players— now being rationed equally in an effort to live. Though, the more intelligent ones have come to understand that their bubble is built with no immediate ill intent. It provides a perfectly sustainable ecosystem— plentiful with all that human beings need in order to live.

Every monument, be it building or statue, belonging to the global consciousness, is drifting around the same world ‘they’ come from— lending awe inspiring views to the privileged, unsuspecting people who just happened to be there when they were seized.

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