In my nightmares

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In my nightmares I am pursued by an endless stream of dark things down an endless alley. The dank, musty walls seem to close in on me, threatening my very being.

Move! My mind screams at me.

My lungs burn with the effort and legs ache as I run faster and faster. It is never fast enough. I’m never quite able to outrun the creatures giving chase.


I trip. One misstep and I am hurtling through the air, out of control. Or did I just give up? Does it matter? I hit the ground and lay there. The damp cobblestones beneath me are cold to the touch. My breath leaves a trail as it escapes my lungs.

Move dammit!

The temperature drops quickly. Every muscle in my body screams out against the sudden chill.
The creatures catch me. Not running now. Walking slowly toward me. I accept my fate. I can’t run any longer. They are an unfamiliar nightmare menagerie.

But one…one is a little girl with glowing yellow eyes. My own eyes snap open with the recognition.

I’m back in the nightmarish world of the real.

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  1. Avatar Akheloios

    Way to run with it, I’m enjoying it a lot.

  2. Avatar Chad Wright

    Thanks, Akheloios.

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