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I’m a husband and father living in Austin, Texas and hustling every day to help others. I own ImageStudios.tv where I do photography, design and writing.


  1. The tomb of my mind

    Snow gently collects on the window sill of my room. The edges of the window are lined with twinkling red, green and blue lights. They remind me it’s Christmas. Wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday? Time loses all meaning when one is trapped i...

  2. Talking it out

    “Now,” I address the demon laying on the ground, “Can we talk this out like civilized creatures?” She continues to swear at me in long-forgotten languages. Her unnatural strength allows her to begin lifting the fire-escape ladde...

  3. Never headbutt a demon

    One chance. I ram my head into demon girl’s face. Pain jets from the impact point straight through my entire skull. Never headbutt a demon, my brain screams at me. The foolhardy move at least has the desired effect of momentarily loosening her gr...

  4. The nightmare of the real

    A person’s first reaction on awakening from a blow to the head is usually to vomit. This fact occurs to me as the scrambled eggs and crisp bacon I had not an hour ago make their grand reappearance to the world. It turns out breakfast for dinner h...

  5. In my nightmares

    In my nightmares I am pursued by an endless stream of dark things down an endless alley. The dank, musty walls seem to close in on me, threatening my very being. Move! My mind screams at me. My lungs burn with the effort and legs ache as I run faster a...

  6. In love with London

    I used to be in love with London. Certainly it possesses an outward beauty. In the intervening years since I arrived here, I’ve seen beneath that beauty. It is, as they say, only skin deep. There are things beneath it…unspeakable things. An...

  7. Out of cigarettes

    The silhouette of the girl moves quickly down the alley toward me. I can’t make out her features, except for the creepy yellow eyes. I hate those. She stops suddenly, as if seeing me for the first time, and hunches her spine unnaturally. A deep, ...

  8. The rebar comes out

    Graham slowly pulled himself toward the distant light under the door. He focused on it. That light could mean life. Suddenly the light expanded to encompass the entire doorway. “Hello?” A woman’s voice called. “Anyone alive in h...

  9. Hit a wall

    He’d hit a wall. He was surprised at the amount of detective work that could be done by an average person. Usually it was just a simple matter of the proper amount of money in the hands of the proper individuals. But even with all that, he’...

  10. Not a great year

    2010 was supposed to be so different. Rubble continued to fall around Graham as the building groaned and settled. Dust filled the air, choking him and blurring his vision. He reached down towards the searing pain in his left leg. His hand felt the roug...

  11. Copyright?

    “But, sir, we can’t do something like that,” I told the CEO for the third time. “Why not?” “It’s illegal.” He rolled his eyes as if my concerns didn’t apply to him. “We’re moving ahead w...

  12. Can they drive?

    The red Chevrolet Camaro gleamed in the light of the sinking sun. Colton would have cried if his tear ducts still worked. He shambled toward the driver’s door. So hungry. He fumbled with the door handle. The door quietly popped open. Colton fell ...

  13. Not again

    “Why do they always go for the head?” Joe said as the painful buzzing continued in his brain. He looked down at the casts currently imprisoning his hands. Well, I guess they don’t always go for the head. He fumbled with the four loose...

  14. Dying in the crowd

    The crowd surged around him as if it had a life of its own. As if it wasn’t a group of thousands of people but was one huge, pulsing life form. It pushed him from side to side. He let the flow carry him from cart to cart through the market. So this i...

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