The Quest For Sur Pants

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In the district of Albula in the canton of Graub√ľnden in Switzerland lies the isolated village of Sur, an unremarkable place and the most unlikely destination one could imagine if they were observing a traditionally garbed arab fellow walking along the road as he made his way among healthy green pastures and tall stands of trees. He walked briskly and with enthusiasm until by chance he encountered Mr. Johan Blickensderfer, a citizen of education and renown who had lived in Sur his whole life, and who asked curiously, "What brings you to this place at this time on such a crisp blue day?

“I am seeking your tailor,” responded the arab gentleman. “As you can see, my garments are quite suitable for the desert – not so much for the rarified climate of Switzerland. I am told that your tailor is the finest in the world. I wish to engage him.”

Herr Blickensderfer beamed with pride. “You have come to the right place, for there are no better trousers than sur pants.

Where he got his shirt is another tale.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    “walking along the road as it made its way” I think you mean ‘he made his way’. :)

    I picture a spy, dropped in the wrong place, who speaks many languages, and who has a separate agenda. 007 music*

    now i bet i have to look up those words to see if you are being punny in swedish..

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